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Our History

Datascan is one of the few family owned pharmacy software vendors left in the United States today. We have been focused on retail pharmacy software dating back to 1981. Back then, our goal was to bring independent pharmacies into the future by computerizing them and pulling them away from hand written or typewriter based claims. As this industry has evolved, so has our company and our pharmacy focusedsoftware. We are proud to say that we have consistently been first to market with ideas and innovation, and one of the first to adopt new technology over decades. From the early adoption of electronic live claims, to electronic prescribing we have always made sure our clients never had to wait for the technology to grow their businesses. Our pharmacy management system streamlines your workflow and helps to build a more efficient pharmacy.

We know the future of pharmacy can still be a great one. The PBM's and insurance companies have made running your business extremely difficult, and we understand your frustration. It is our job to provide you with the technology to do more, with less - run more efficiently without requiring more staff. Our sole focus is our clients and their needs. Building a better product is part of what we do every day here, and our client feedback goes into the system daily!

Contact Datascan today to find out how we can help you grow star ratings, build adherence, grow profits, and move into the future of pharmacy all at extremely competitive pricing, coupled with the most unique support industry wide.


  • I’ve owned 3 pharmacies in the past 21 years. The last 16 years I’ve been with Datascan, why, because of Ease of Use & Reliability! My business is based on the ability to process prescriptions in timely, efficient manner.

    John J Burns - Country Village Chemists
  • I have had the pleasure in working with Datascan since 1984.They are an innovative “State of the Art” company who will do whatever they can to help you run your pharmacy from prescription, DME and nursing home processing to POS systems. They work hand and hand with it’s customers creating customized programs when needed and are always open to new ideas.

    Ken Villani - Cottage and 110 Pharmacy & Surgicals
  • Our dispensary clients are extremely satisfied with Datascan. We like the immediate response and support we receive from the staff, and the ease of use of the software. Training our clients to use the Datascan Pharmacy software package is easy, and does not require a lot of time. Datascan has been more than happy to custom write software to generate the reports that we need! Thank you Datascan for all you do for us.

    Mark Johnson - Johnson RX, Inc.
  • We have been a client of Datascans for over 25 years now. Their staff is very customer friendly and provide excellent customer support. Their quick response time to problems allows us to keep our pharmacy running efficiently.

    Marty - Slater Pharmacy
  • Datascan has been our software vendor for over 20 years. They are a true partner in the success of our business. Their custom software has increased our efficiency and has allowed us to thrive in a very difficult business environment. No, is not a word in their vocabulary and a live person always picks up the phone when we call, not a voicemail. I whole heartedly recommend the company to anyone in the market for a Pharmacy/POS System.

    Anthony - Grassy Sprain Pharmacy
  • We have been doing business with Datascan Pharmacy, Inc. since 2006. Datascan’s pharmacy system, Winpharm, and Point-of-Sale system are outstanding software programs capable of handling the smallest medical office dispensary to the largest retail pharmacy. Both systems are extremely user friendly, facilitate quick learning times, and have fast prescription processing and check out times. Datascan’s customer service is second to none as all employees are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that customers are satisfied with the software. To anyone looking for a state-of-the-art pharmacy system, Datascan is solution for all prescription processing and front-end merchandise sales.

    Chris J - Physicians Pharmaceutical Group
  • Myself and my partners in all of my stores have been doing business with Datascan for quite a few years now and have been amazed at their customer service response time, their ability to take our ideas and implement them into the software, and their aggressive pricing structure. The fact that their staff is available instantly during business hours and on call after hours means that we always have someone to assist, even with getting claims paid. Our business has continued to grow over the years and Datascan has been an important part of our growth and continued success.

    Daniel Molino, R. Ph. - Multiple Locations.
  • We are a very busy retail pharmacy and Datascan is the key to our success!Pharmacy software, POS, delivery system and IVR. In the past, we had two other software vendors which did not meet our needs. The support team at Datascan is very helpful and knowledgeable. Datascan is up to date with the latest features and technology to help operate a pharmacy. Kevin, the owner is involved in the details and makes sure that we get the best service possible!

    Abe B. - Pharmacy Plus
  • I have worked with Datascan for that last 10 years at multiple pharmacies and when I opened my own pharmacy last year it was a “no-brainer” to use their pharmacy software as well as their POS. There software is state of the art, user friendly and always updating to the newest technology available. I can’t speak enough about the employees at Datascan as they are are extremely knowledgeable and always very helpful. If you are looking for a top notch company to be an important aspect of your pharmacy then look no further.

    Rob Galli - Carman Drugs
  • We have been clients of Datascans for quite a few years, across 5 locations. Myself and my partners have used other systems, and have found that no one can offer us the package that Datascan does ---their pricing is aggressive, their support is fast and reliable, they are eager to make changes in the software to keep up with the industry changes and our needs as clients, and if I need the owner, I can get him on the phone. We would not leave Datascan for the competition - they aid in our overall success.

    Russell Shvartsshtyen - Multiple Locations

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DATASCAN (DCS Pharmacy, Inc.) has been serving the needs of independent pharmacies for over 35 years.