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Winpharm Pharmacy Management Software DataScan Pharmacy

Our flagship product is Winpharm, our pharmacy management software. It is utilized across the country by independent pharmacies, doctors dispensaries, LTC pharmacies, and hospitals. It is always evolving to build profitability and make your life easier, to do more, without needing more staff. Glance at some of the key features below, and make sure to schedule a demonstration with us ASAP!

  • Build Star Ratings: through multiple automated features
  • Medication Synchronization built in: to help build patient adherence and profits
  • MTM (Medication Therapy Management): built in for both Mirixa and Outcomes
  • Adherence Dashboard: designed to help monitor patient adherence, set alerts, and communicate more effectively
  • Automatic Communication: with patients via Email, Text, Smartphone app, & IVR
  • Automatic Refills processing: put the system to work for you
  • Maintenance Medication Utility: can automate new rx requests to Dr’s
  • Winpharm Automated Scheduler: built in to automate many day to day tasks
  • Profit Watcher: claims are scanned post adjudication to alert any potential reimbursement issues
  • 340B Support: Manage 340B inventory, run detailed dispensing reports, and flag doc's, patients, and drugs as 340B
  • Customizable software: option screens you can manipulate to change the way the software reacts and operates
  • Automatic Prior Authorizations: with Cover my Meds
  • Automatic PA request re-attempts: to Dr’s that do not respond
  • To-Do Queue organized task list: for RX’s that require follow up and daily duties
  • Central Filling Queue: organize all RX’s that have been sent to pharmacy for refill or fill
  • Coupon Management: automates billing and rebilling of coupons
  • Customizable Workflow: choose if you want to use an intake station, Data entry and a dispensing queue, verification required or not etc.
  • Medicare & Commercial Plan lookup: with auto import into the software
  • Refills Due &RX Not Picked up: automated communication with patients
  • Automatic COB Billing: eliminates the need to manual bill cob patients ever again
  • Electronic RX Inventory Updates: ordering and shopping for the best price
  • Document Management: link scanned items such as drivers licenses, insurance cards, etc to your patient profiles
  • Mobile Refills: from patients Apple and Android devices are queued up in the software
  • Web based refills: from your website or ours are queued up in the software
  • Pre & Post Edits: built into the software to watch over possible audit and reimbursement issues
  • Electronic Delivery System: for Android synchronizes with software for signatures & updates rx status
  • Foreign Language: SIG codes & Monographs supported
  • Color Coded Statuses: help to quickly identify the status of an RX
  • National Doctor Database: allows quick addition of new Dr’s in software
  • Compound drug module: easy to use, packed with features
  • Enhanced Escript capabilities: that include suggested fill order, bulking same patient RX’s together, and of course, controlled substance E-prescribing
  • Workflow Manager: allows you to quickly setup and manage deliveries, bin management, and bulk patients together within a facility for deliveries
  • Nursing Home Package built in: allows you to service LTC, nursing and assisted living facilities at no extra cost to you
  • Customizable Reports: with enhanced filtration features give you a detailed picture of your business from all aspects
  • Plethora of interfacing: from USPS, Fedex, and UPS for mailorder or shipping, to Quickbooks we have you covered. We support multiple robotic vendors, IVR vendors, and services you have probably heard about such as IMedicare, IMS data reporting, multiple switch vendors, and open support for the credit card industry. This means you are never locked into a relationship you are unhappy with, and our capabilities are endless!

Datascan Point of Sale DataScan Pharmacy

What sets our Point of Sale system apart from our competition is the fact that it was written and designed here, in house, specifically for pharmacy with the assistance of our savvy pharmacy clients. We are constantly improving on our POS software and making changes based off industry changes, as well as requests and feedback from our clients. POS fully integrates with our WinPharmsoftware to share patient data and activity

  • SIGIS certified: accept FSA Cards
  • PSE (Pseudoephedrine) tracking
  • Customize Sales: pre-Schedule in store sales by item, category, or subcategory
  • Sales / Coupon Tracking: track results & history of sales
  • Wholesaler Shopping: system can shop for you; find the best price for items across all of your wholesalers
  • Loyalty Rewards Program: fully customizable &keeps customers coming back
  • Gift Card Sales & Tracking (you can get custom gift cards made and fully track spending)
  • Customizable Coupons: that can even be targeted to certain buyers
  • Pharmacy Software & Workflow Integration: notifies of other RX’s waiting for patient upon checkout, sync’s co-pays, reversals,
  • Profit Watcher: stops a rejected 3rd party script from being checked out
  • Wholesaler EDI Support: Electronic purchase orders with vendors
  • Purchase Orders: purchase order creation can be done through re-order points by item, manually, both, and the system can auto shop for you for the best pricing
  • Customer charge accounts: complete with monthly statements
  • Custom Report Building tools
  • Automatic inventory quantity update: from your wholesalers
  • Wholesaler price updates: occur during automated purchase orders processing
  • Touch Screen System: helps build speed and ease of use
  • Security / Cashier Tracking: with customizable security settings
  • Customizable Options: such as locking RX from being sold without verification being done prior
  • Email Capable: Option to email clients their receipts& monthly statements
  • Create Deliveries: and manage drivers with POS and Workflow
  • Electronic Delivery: signature capture options
  • Group nursing-home patients: or family members together for efficient billing
  • PCI compliant: for credit card processing
  • Competitive credit card rates
  • Sales Analysis: keep a record of all purchases allowing you to track sales and maximize shelf usage
  • Financial & Informational reporting: for you and your accountant
  • End of day reconciliation: statement reduce operator misappropriation

Electronic Delivery System DataScan Pharmacy

  • Android Market capable (android based tablets a lot less expensive vs Apple)
  • Sync Data Wirelessly: (or wired) send deliveries and signature data over your wi-fi network to the workflow system
  • Credit Card Support at deliveries (requires cellular network)
  • Route Creation for drivers: synchronizes and prioritizes the deliveries with Google Maps
  • Track co-pays and OTC dollars due: and how they were paid at delivery
  • Easy-Synchronization: close out deliveries with ease when drivers return to the store, and account for all monies due
  • Summary View: of all deliveries allows quickstatus identification through color coding

Mobile Scripts RX Refill Application DataScan Pharmacy

  • Apple and Android support: available for both the Android and Apple smartphones
  • FREE: no charge to you or your patients
  • Quick Refill: enter RX #’s and quickly sends them right to your pharmacy software!
  • Profile View: patients can view their abbreviated profile and queue up RX’s direct to pharmacy software
  • Set Reminders: Patients can setup reminders for when they need to take medications
  • Alerts / Notifications: Send Refills Due alerts, RX Not picked up yet, and RX Ready for pickup strait to patients smartphone app.
  • Scan & Refill: you can scan the barcode on the bottle to send it out for refill

Workflow Software DataScan Pharmacy

  • RX Tracking: track RX’s throughout the pharmacy workflow including physical location such as bins/bags, or refrigerator
  • RX Status: verify quickly if RX has been picked up or is still waiting
  • Flexability: set status manually or automatically for RX’s including customizable bins
  • Organize & Schedule deliveries: as well as assign them to specific drivers, with the ability to assign money due to drivers accounts for accountability upon closeout
  • Delivery Tracking: track what has been delivered and what needs a re-attempt
  • Financial Tracking: track amounts due from drivers upon returning from deliveries, and auto apply payments collected to customers accounts/invoices

Central Reporting & Billing Software DataScan Pharmacy

For our clients that have multiple locations, this software allows you to receive updates daily from all locations from both the pharmacy and point of sale systems. All data from each location will be automatically uploaded. Thesystem thenallows you to run endless reports both Pharmacy and Front end/POS.

  • Pharmacy & POS Reporting: both RX based and OTC/POS based reporting from one central location
  • Detailed View for Multiple Locations: you can look up the details of an RX, run prescription log reports, sales based reports, and even handle all house account billing from one central system.
  • Custom Report Builder: you can build your own custom reports by choosing the fields you want included
  • Recall Custom Reports: save custom built reports by name, then quickly re-run the report at later dates
  • Filter Locations Reported: data can be filtered by a single location, or you can choose multiple or even all locations.
  • Central Drug File: keep a universal drug file across all locations to ensure same pricing, and names for lookup and reporting
  • Scalable: to support as many sites as required for reporting
  • Automatic Data Updates: from each location can also be done manually at anytime
  • Central Billing: manage customer charge accounts for all locations from one central system
  • Watchdog in one central location: watch over all locations from a central system without requiring remote log in to a location
  • Manage Customer Charge/House Accounts: ability to lock-out and require central office authorization for house account opening and charges

IVR & Robotic Dispensing Interfaces DataScan Pharmacy

The IVR system, interfaces with your telephone system and our pharmacy software. The system allows you to maximize efficiency by minimizing time spent on the phone with doctors or patients getting refill information. It can also sync up with reports for outbound dialing to patients for important notifications.

  • Multi System Support: you have options as we interface with multiple robot dispensing systems and IVR products
  • Robotic Dispensing: coordination with the robot means your scripts will auto fill for you. We have support for Parata, Scriptpro, Kirby Lester & Pharm-Assist
  • IVR Support: Telemanager and AIS IVR systems fully supported
  • IVR Out bound Calling: sync with Winpharm and auto notify patients of RX ready for refill, RX not picked up yet, and notify RX ready for pickup
  • Patient Notification: patients will be notified upon call in if their script has expired or has no refills left, as well as when refills are ready for pickup
  • IVR Dr. Fax Integration: doctors can then be faxed for authorization automatically
  • IVR Requests Sync’d: fill requests are fed into the pharmacy system central fill queue automatically to be filled by the pharmacist, and prioritized by date/time requested
  • Two Way Communication: patients can check if the prescription is ready, and the IVR can dial outbound to offer clients option to queue up RX’s that are due to be filled
  • Build Adherence& Save Time: use as both a time saver, and star ratings / adherence building tool with your patients
  • IVR Answer: customizable messages to greet customers with your voice
  • IVR Voice Mail: customers can leave voice messages along with their fill requests

Nursing Home Software & Facility Remote Portal DataScan Pharmacy

Nursing / LTC / Assisted Living Software:

Datascan has a fully functional Nursing and Long Term Care system built into the WinPharm Pharmacy Management product. There is no extra charge for this functionality. It allows our clients to manage clients within each home, setup automatic refilling, print MAR’s, manage frequency codes for each home, and so much more.

Remote Facility Portal:

In addition to our nursing home / LTC software functionality, we do have an add-on module that allows the facility to login to the system via a secure connection, authenticated with a login and password. Once logged into the remote portal, the staff can access each patients profile to submit an RX for refill, cancel an RX from current filling, change directions, dispense times, edit demographics, print the MAR, as well as leave a memo for the pharmacist about the patient or prescription.

  • Print Custom MARs
  • Frequency Code Maintenance / Customization by Site
  • Nursing Portal available for remote login and changes from facility
  • Custom nursing home and patient based reports
  • Nursing home specific delivery reports and electronic signature capture system

Electronic Signature Capture DataScan Pharmacy

  • Integrated into POS or offered as a stand-alone system
  • HIPAA Compliance: assures HIPAA compliance for RX Privacy when collecting signatures
  • Signatures with Date/Time Stamp collected
  • History fully archived: and available to lookup by RX for an audit or proof of pickup
  • Lookup from multiple locations: ability to lookup Signature in POS, stand aloneSigCapture software or WinPharm
  • Paired with POS: full EMV chip support to stay PCI compliant and accept credit cards through the signature tablet

DATASCAN Pharmacy provides both hardware and software solutions designed to help your pharmacy become more profitable and operate more efficiently.

DATASCAN (DCS Pharmacy, Inc.) has been serving the needs of independent pharmacies for over 35 years.