Additional Services

Some of our additional services our clients take advantage of to help run their businesses

  • Customized Labels; you can help design & change at any time
  • Discounted Credit Card Processing; we can beat any deal you find
  • After Hours Service; Nights, weekends, and holidays we are here for you
  • Custom programming; if you need something custom we can deliver –the competition simply can not
  • Hardware upgrade program; an optional program that allows you to pay over time and get big discounts to swap out your old equipment for new every 3 or 5 years
  • Hardware contracts; if you are within a 75 mile range from our offices, we can offer you onsite hardware coverage to repair or replace any defective equipment for life.

Customer Retention Programs

Build customer loyalty and keep them coming back for more!

  • Gift Card program; offer gift cards for sale, and bring those friends and family members in, all easily tracked in our POS
  • Rewards Card program; fully customizable by you--- build customer loyalty. The chains have concluded these programs built their front end business ---let it do the same for you!
  • Generic Cash Discount program; If you want to compete with the chains on their cash generic programs our system can help you do so
  • Email & Text Reminders; build adherence and get them back for their refills by automating reminders through text, smart phone notifications and email reminders. You can also do the same with RX's not picked up and build adherence
  • IVR Dial-Out Reminders; just like the text and email, your phone coupled with an IVR can dial outbound to your clients to get their refills in and remind them to pick up scripts.
  • Auto Refill System; have the software process those refills for you, and make sure your client never misses their refill again
  • Maintenance medication automation; make sure your patients are never without their maintenance medication again by auto communicating with their Dr's for new prescriptions

Revenue Sharing Programs

Lower your operating costs by receiving credits for participating in these programs

  • Pharmacy First RX Share & Adherence programs; expand adherence and receive performance driven revenues from pharma
  • IMS Datashareprogram; receive credits for de-identified HIPAA compliant data analytics sharing with the leader for data analysis in our industry
  • PDR Carepoints program; change patient behavior, build adherence, all while gaining quarterly credits from pharma with the common goal to refill rx's and keep patients healthy.

DATASCAN Pharmacy provides both hardware and software solutions designed to help your pharmacy become more profitable and operate more efficiently.

DATASCAN (DCS Pharmacy, Inc.) has been serving the needs of independent pharmacies for over 35 years.