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Are you tired of making less profit in your Independent Pharmacy?

Are you tired of making less profit in your Independent Pharmacy?

According to a study by Cardinal Health, only 6 out of every 100 customers enter a chain pharmacy and leave without buying something from the front end.  However, 56 out of every 100 leave an independent without buying something from the front end; statistics that are truly astonishing!

Between dwindling reimbursements, increased DIR fees, mandatory mail order, closed networks, and competition popping up on every corner, there has to be a way for independents to make up for losses.  We need to find a way to stop the bleeding!  Fighting and lobbying is definitely helping. Without it, who knows if we would all even be in business today.  Perhaps if we had all given up a long time ago independent pharmacy would be a thing of the past, like so many extinct industries.

If we take the time tolook beyond the counter, past the prescriptions, what else is there?  Front end sales can more than make up the losses pharmacies deal with in prescription sales.Statistically, chain pharmacies see more of their profits from the front end, so why aren’t you?  Ever since the birth of discounted warehouse shopping at places like Costco and BJ’s, we have been brainwashed into believing the bigger the store, the cheaper the item.  But have you ever really looked at chain pharmacy pricing?   Many times their pricing is higher than most other stores, especially independents.  Right there is a marketing opportunity-- in store and in the app’s (you should be offering your patients for refills), and especially in your local Facebook community pages.  Make your pharmacy unique – differentiate yourself from the chains.  Offer services like compounding, DME sales and rentals, and unique products you don’t find everywhere, but also that cater to the demographic in your area.  If you can afford to reinvest, build out your store with different décor and overall feel-- change from the everyday white gondolas and white speckled linoleum flooring.Pharmacy owners need to encourage their customers to shop their front end, and utilize their pharmacy management software systems to engage customers.  You are most likely already paying for a pharmacy management software system that can help reach your customers, promote in store sales, and maximize your front end profits.

Utilize your real estate better:  Use your pharmacy point of sale system to watch over your slow movers.  Put them on sale, attempt to return items and offer them as special orders as needed, and find out what your customers may be missing in the store.  Try stocking the shelves with goods your demographic will buy and stop letting items collect dust!  The reporting in both your pharmacy POS and pharmacy management software should help you do more than watch what needs to be reordered.

Build customer loyalty:  Rewards and loyalty programs are a great way to build relationships with customers and ensure you have repeat shoppers.  These programs incentivize customers to spend in your store.  It’s simple—the more they spend the more they save.  Datascan’s POS system allows you to create and customize customer rewards programs that work for your pharmacy.  You can offer points for dollars spent and reward your customers with coupons and discounts for earning a certain number of points.  Through our integration with our pharmacy management software system you can quickly add customers into the POS to create profiles and track spending.  Both software products ‘talk’ to each other and share important data.

Promote Sales:  Most shoppers are inclined to purchase an item, especially one they need, if they see it on sale.  There are so many easy and convenient ways to help you manage your sale merchandise.  Through Datascan’s pharmacy point of sale system you can schedule sales for single items or even entire inventory categories.  Sales can be customized to discount by percentage, dollar amount, or even high cone (BOGO) sales.  There is no reason your customer should leave your store without purchasing an OTC item they need.  You should never lose the sale to a chain—offer to price match and even beat pricing when possible.

Use your technology:  So many independent pharmacy clients of ours simply are not using the technology they pay for.  Our mobile refill application that allows patients to queue up their refills has expanded so much, and we continue to build functionality so you can send promotions to patients and notify them of sales.  Custom sales building tools, email and text functionality, adherence building tools to build refills and potential visits to your store – and there is a lot more coming!

Independents continue to fight to survive.  These scary but true statistics show howoften it’s assumed smaller boutique pharmacies cannot compete with big box pricing.  Datascan encourages pharmacy owners to utilize the functions in their pharmacy manage software systems and POS systems to help turn the statistics around.   


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