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5-Star Rated Pharmacy Software

Customer reviews are everything! If you’re searching for a top-rated pharmacy software solution to help you manage your pharmacy business, then you’ve probably already came across Datascan Pharmacy Software who has hundreds of 5 star reviews and counting.

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Datascan Pharmacy Software & Physician Dispensing Solutions can Produce Huge Profits for Your Practice!

Physician dispensing
First, what is physician dispensing? 

Many states across the US allow physicians to not only prescribe, but dispense medications to their patients directly from their offices.  There are requirements and various safety measures physicians must satisfy, and this of course varies state by state.  This is not just about additional profits for the practice, but a great convenience for patients as well.

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Datascan Pharmacy Software New Partner/Integration: CPESN

Datascan cpesn integration
Who is CPESN and what do they do?

CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network) is a clinically integrated network of community pharmacies across the US.  A clinically integrated network is a collection of health care providers that demonstrates value to the market by working together to facilitate the coordination of patient care across conditions, providers, settings, and time to improve patient care and decrease overall healthcare costs...

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Improve Your Pharmacy's Performance with Datascan Software

Managing your pharmacy s performance
You work tirelessly day in and day out making sure your pharmacy operates at peak performance.  Your star ratings and rankings help determine your reimbursements and DIR fees from part D plans.  Pharmacists are a key part of overall patient care, relying on improved point of care services in order to produce better outcomes.  Community pharmacies all over the United States have created in house programs tailored towards specific patients and their needs.  Programs like Medication Synchronization, Automatic Refills, patient reminder alerts, delivery services, and even in house immunization services all help to improve how your pharmacy is rated.

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Pharmacy Software Demos are Vital - Test Drive Datascan Today

Test driving your new pharmacy software
Buyer’s remorse is the worst thing to have, especially if it is for something you have to use every day, and even worse if you are locked into a contract!  You wouldn’t buy a new car without test driving it, would you?  Choosing a software system for your pharmacy is no different.  With so many options, it’s important that potential buyers take the time to do a live demonstration of the pharmacy management software systems they are interested in before making a purchase decision.

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Independent Pharmacies: Reinvent, Revolutionize, Empower - TOGETHER

Reinvent revolutionize empower
Through the years we have seen industries and social groups band together seeking a common goal or objective, ultimately achieving success and progress.  Why, because there is strength in numbers.  Alone we face challenges limited by our resources and capabilities, but together we have a voice, a loud voice, and invite change that takes us far into the future. 

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Pharmacy Software Prices - Are You Getting Nickel and Dimed?

Pharmacy software costs
When it comes time to evaluate the true costs of a pharmacy software system, you need to look at two things - the startup costs and monthly costs.  Startup costs should detail what initial functionality will be in the system, what hardware you might be getting, and, what ‘add-ons’ or other features come with an additional price tag.   Monthly costs are where you really dig into what’s included in the monthly fees, and what costs more.

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What Makes Datascan Pharmacy Software Different?

Datascan best choice pharmacy software
Any community pharmacist will tell you there is no comparison between their independent pharmacy and a large corporation or chain like CVS or Walgreens.

Community pharmacy patients choose an independent store over a chain because they expect a superior and personal level of service.  That customer wants to walk into the store and be greeted by name, wait for their prescriptions, or even be able to have a specialty item ordered for them...

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Retail Pharmacy Software Reviews - Consider the Source!

Board 55e7d5434b 1920
When shopping for anything these days, we tend to look first at reviews, even when considering something as simple as where to eat dinner.  Educated consumers know to not just look at the overall rating of the company or product, but also, how many reviews there are, because anyone can have a few friends write up some good reviews! Consumers and businesses are more inclined to believe other customers that claim to have had a good experience with a business or product.

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Datascan Believes Investing in Health will Produce Enormous Benefits

Pharmacy management software
“Investing in health will produce enormous benefits.” Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Community pharmacists we must invest not only back into their businesses, but into their patients.  It has become our responsibility to not only fill their prescriptions, but manage overall patient health.  This can place a huge burden on the already overworked and underpaid pharmacist.

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Top Pharmacy Software - Datascan

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The use of technology and digital software can revolutionize the pharmacy businesses by improving processes while also reducing costs.

Datascan offers the best pharmacy software on the market. Our software and data management solutions significantly increase efficiency while decreasing the time it takes for your pharmacy to service patients and improves quality of service at the same time.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Pharmacy Profits

Best pharmacy software 2018
Since 1981, Datascan Pharmacy Software has been helping independent pharmacies thrive and evolve in an every-changing industry.

Here are 3 simple ways you can continue help your pharmacy increase profits as you move into the future...

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Datascan Pharmacy Software Fights Against DIR Fees

Pharmacy software companies
Clawbacks / DIR Fee’s:  The nerve of Insurance companies and PBMs charging back money that was previously paid out to the pharmacy.  These fees are a calculated percentage of the ingredient-cost-paid in the claim and the amounts typically vary by plan and pharmacy.

PBMs use one or more metrics to help measure a pharmacies performance and provide a minimum and maximum range for a possible fee that can apply to each claim...

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8 Ways to Boost Front End Sales

Increase pharmacy profits
According to a study by Cardinal Health, only 6 out of every 100 customers enter a chain pharmacy and leave without buying something from the front end.  However, 56 out of every 100 leave an independent without buying something from the front end; statistics that are truly astonishing!

Between dwindling reimbursements, increased DIR fees, mandatory mail order, closed networks, and competition popping up on every corner, there has to be a way for independents to make up for losses...

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Pharmacy Inventory Management Systems: A Prescription for Success

In today's complex world of healthcare, the local pharmacy plays a vital role in our community's well-being.  Customers look to their neighborhood pharmacies as a trusted source of healthcare information and rely on them for assistance with complex medication management.  With chronic diseases on the rise and the expansion of health insurance, the frequency of customer interaction has significantly increased.  Pharmacy inventories have also evolved to include much more than just medicinal drugs. They are now the go-to resource for everyday essentials.

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The Pharmacy Software Landscape is Changing: Where Will it Leave You?

Pharmacy software landscape is changing
RX Software Pharmacy - Back in the late 1970’s and early 80’s quite a few pharmacy software companies were born.  The challenge back then was to get pharmacy’s to pull away from hand and type written claims and move to computerization ---a task that proved to be quite difficult!  As the years progressed more companies entered the market, which was a good thing for the end users, because as we create competition in any industry, it motivates.  It ignites that fight or flight response and if you want to survive, you must compete.  Compete not just on pricing, but on service, and most importantly, the technology that evolves at a very rapid pace.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Independent Pharmacy Software Provider

Opening new pharmacy
With more and more independently-owned, community pharmacies opening up each year, the future of the industry is more than promising.

One of the great things about owning an Independent Pharmacy, is the freedom to choose the vendors and partners that you work with. After all, choosing the right partner can make or break you’re overall success and bottom line. And choosing the right pharmacy software provider is no different is one of the most important vendors you need to choose.

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Is This the END of the Independent Pharmacy?

End of independent pharmacy
2017 Economics of the Independent Pharmacy

Another year in the books, and another year of declines – but why?  How are you supposed to survive at this rate –and at what point do you throw in the towel?   According to Drug Channels, the average pharmacy owner saw their salary decline by 20% in 2017.  Your gross margins are declining --- DIR fees continue to plague your business – so how the HELL are you supposed to believe you have a future in this industry?

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Best Way to Shop for New Pharmacy Software

Best new pharmacy software
A personal, one on one demonstration of the Datascan Pharmacy Software shows you exactly how Datascan can help you save financial and human resources, increases efficiency and improve your bottom line.

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Pharmacy Software Data Conversion; A Scary Process?

Independent pharmacy software
Year after year we meet so many independent pharmacy owners that are simply unhappy with the product or level of service they are getting from their existing pharmacy management software vendor – but they refuse to make a change!

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What Makes Datascan the Best Pharmacy Software System on the Market for Your Independent Pharmacy?

Datascan best pharmacy software
Independent pharmacies share a certain bond.  For them, each customer is an individual (not an account number...), who trusts their pharmacist for professionalism, courtesy and quality.  Independent pharmacists take the time to talk to their customers, alleviate their concerns and assure they understand their prescriptions and are aware of other health and wellness considerations.  This bond between independent pharmacists and their clients is a win-win relationship that can last for decades.

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