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Is this the END of Independent Pharmacy?

Another year in the books, and another year of declines - but why? How are you supposed to survive at this rate - and at what point do you throw in the towel? According to Drug Channels, the average pharmacy owner saw their salary decline by 20% in 2017. Your gross margins are declining --- DIR fees continue to plague your business - so how the HELL are you supposed to believe you have a future in this industry?



Customer reviews play an important part in the decision making process for potential buyers.Ensuring you’re reading quality, valid, and unbiased reviews can make the difference between a poor buying decision vs. a smart one.


Whats the best way to shop for a new pharmacy software system?

A personal, one on one demonstration of Datascan's pharmacy software shows how Datascan can help you save financial and human resources, increases efficiency and improve your bottom line. While the competition is herding potential software buyers in like sheep into an online demo with 15 other people, we pride ourselves on the fact that even before we earn your business, we treat you like a person, not a number.


Pharmacy Software Data Conversion; A scary process?

Year after year we meet so many owners that are simply unhappy with the product or level of service they are getting from their existing pharmacy management software vendor –but they refuse to make a change! So they struggle on, losing out on opportunities to increase profits in their pharmacies, they miss out on new technology and perhaps don’t perform well with regards to star ratings, and worst of all, they are over staffed by at least 1-2 people because of all of the manual processes they have in their daily workflow.


What makes Datascan the best pharmacy software system on the market for your independent pharmacy?

Independent pharmacies share a certain bond. For them, each customer is an individual (not an account number...), who trusts their pharmacist for professionalism, courtesy and quality. Independent pharmacists take the time to talk to their customers, alleviate their concerns and assure they understand their prescriptions and are aware of other health and wellness considerations. This bond between independent pharmacists and their clients is a win-win relationship that can last for decades.

DATASCAN (DCS Pharmacy, Inc.) has been serving the needs of independent pharmacies for over 35 years.