Build a Better Pharmacy by Implementing a Proper Workflow

Independent community pharmacies are struggling and the PBMs will look for any reason to dip deeper into their profits. As pharmacy owners are buckling down and seeking ways to increase and improve profitability, efficiency needs to be an important focus.

Workflow, by definition, is a series of steps designed to improve efficiency and quality control in a business. In a pharmacy, simply put, it’s used as a system of checks and balances to ensure patients are receiving the proper medications and that prescriptions are being filled without error. Now more than ever, independent pharmacies should consider implementing a regimented workflow to help eliminate med errors, and ultimately avoid additional clawbacks from PBM audits. Also, with a streamlined workflow, you will find your pharmacy more organized and that it will require less staff to fill and verify prescriptions.

If you’ve considered building a workflow into your day-to-day operations at your pharmacy, you should take a step back and evaluate your needs. Focus on some of the steps in your fill process that you feel could be improved upon. Start by reaching out to your pharmacy software vendor and seeing what capabilities are built into the pharmacy software you’re already paying for. Although some pharmacy software systems do not offer an integrated workflow management system, many vendors like Datascan do.

Although many pharmacy software systems may have built-in workflow efficiency, not all programs are the same. You may have the options in your pharmacy software to turn a workflow on, but how customizable are the settings? In Datascan Pharmacy Software, not only do you have the option to switch on an integrated workflow, but you have the ability to choose between 1- and 5-step workflow programs, and even customize each of the settings with additional options designed for added safety and efficiency.

Workflow software organizes pharmacy staff by laying out clear-cut tasks for each member of your pharmacy. The great thing about Datascan and Winpharm’s workflow software is the flexibility to truly make it your own and better manage your staff. For example, some pharmacies prefer more steps and opt to use a 4- or 5-step workflow, while some find fewer steps to be preferential and use a more basic dispense and verification system. However you choose to implement a workflow, there is no doubt your pharmacy will operate at peak performance by helping to reduce error and build customer loyalty.

With Datascan, each step in the workflow has an easy-to-manage queue, where notes can be passed to other members of the team about an RX from one step to the next. You can reject an RX back to a prior queue, and even choose custom settings like when you want the label to print in the workflow.

While there is no way around PBM fees, there are many things independent pharmacies can do to help reduce unnecessary losses and audits. Becoming a more efficient pharmacy and operating at peak performance produces benefits for both pharmacy owners and patients alike. Reducing errors helps to reduce potential clawbacks post adjudication, essentially improving net profits in your pharmacy.

Ensuring your pharmacy software has the fundamental tools to help streamline your pharmacy and outperform the competition is important. If you’re not already using a workflow system in your independent pharmacy, do your research, consider the pros and cons, and try to implement new processes designed to ensure better efficiency and bigger profits in your pharmacy.

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