The Problem with BIG Pharmacy Software Companies

Many independent pharmacies have started to feel left out by large software vendors that are simply too big to listen or pay attention to them anymore. Large wholesaler and private equity-owned pharmacy software companies are unable to support the individual needs of smaller independent pharmacies. Pharmacy software vendors servicing thousands upon thousands of clients simply cannot focus on or keep up with the rapidly changing needs of the industry, nor do they have the time to accommodate special requests from their individual clients. Good luck trying to get a feature your pharmacy needs added. Don't even think about reaching an owner or president to discuss potential opportunities or updates on the horizon. Even reaching a customer support team member to assist with a simple training question or to report a bug can be a lengthy and frustrating process, often involving 30+ minute hold times and month-long wait times.

This relationship parallels what a patient at a large chain store experiences on a daily basis.  Zero individual attention, marginal customer service, and often frustration. But as an independent pharmacy owner, you know the customer deserves better, and YOU deserve better.

At Datascan, we think different from large software companies appealing to the masses. Rather than focusing on acquiring as many customers as possible, we focus on establishing long-term relationships with our clients, establishing ourselves as your partner, rather than just a software provider. Datascan's "small" approach to business has allowed us to develop our pharmacy software around the individual needs of our clients, delivering a feature set specifically designed for independent pharmacies, and achieving the highest retention and customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Datascan is big enough to fulfill all of your pharmacy software needs, but small enough to care about ALL of its customers. If you are looking for a true partner and a pharmacy software vendor that supports your business and respects the client relationship, then look no further -  Datascan is the best choice for your independent pharmacy.   


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