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What makes Datascan the best pharmacy software system on the market for your independent pharmacy?

Independent pharmacies share a certain bond.  For them, each customer is an individual (not an account number...), who trusts their pharmacist for professionalism, courtesy and quality.  Independent pharmacists take the time to talk to their customers, alleviate their concerns and assure they understand their prescriptions and are aware of other health and wellness considerations.  This bond between independent pharmacists and their clients is a win-win relationship that can last for decades.

Datascan understands this bond.  While pharmacy software provided by mastodon PBMs, insurance companies and wholesalers are a one-size-fits-all that only benefits anonymous corporate shareholders, Datascan’s independent pharmacy software provides specific solutions that exceed our independent pharmacy clients’ expectations. And, while “big business” pharmacy software devours the independent pharmacy’s income, Datascan’s solutions are competitively priced, so Datascan’s independent pharmacy clientsbank more money at the end of the week.

Datascan has been owned by the same family for more than 35 years, innovating every single day to assure Datascan delivers the best independent pharmacy software in the industry.   Like the independent pharmacy, we have client relationships that span decades, and Datascan’s employee tenure exceeds six years, on average - exceptional in the software industry! Datascan dedicated, enthusiastic team members are knowledgeable pharmacy software professionals, who treat every independent pharmacy client with a “your business is our business” attitude.  Patient adherence to independent pharmacies drives so much of what we do.

Industry-leading independent pharmacy software at a reasonable cost, from an innovative, well-established and trusted family-owned business partner– these are the reasons independent pharmacies choose Datascan POS and pharmacy software.

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DATASCAN (DCS Pharmacy, Inc.) has been serving the needs of independent pharmacies for over 35 years.