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What should you look for when opening a new pharmacy?

Believe it or not, every year we are seeing more and more community pharmacies open up.  Some are new at owning an independent pharmacy, and some already own other locations and are expanding.  When we see these numbers first hand, the future for Independent Pharmacy doesn’t seem as gloomy as some within the industry feel.  One of the great things being the owner of any business, including an Independent Pharmacy, is the ability to choose the vendor partners that can make or break you’re overall success and bottom line.  The two most important vendor partners for an independent pharmacy are your wholesalers, and your pharmacy software company.  The question is, where do you start your research?  For a wholesaler, you want at least 2 that service your area in a quick and timely fashion.  Some may even offer multiple deliveries a day – then its just a matter of negotiating the best pricing.  But when it comes to software for the pharmacy, where do you go?  Any company is more than capable of servicing nationwide with todays technology and the internet.  So who is the best software vendor for you?  To begin with, you can look at reviews online like most people do, but beware of bogus reviews sites such as – this site is owned by Pioneer RX, the company that is listed in the number one position.  Sites such as or are neutral sources, but then do not pay attention to position on these sites as you pay to be in first, second place etc.  You can read about the companies, and then dig into their reviews.  Read the good and the bad, the comments made by these folks, and note how long they have been a customer.  Don’t just read the last 5 reviews, dig a little further.
Then research who owns the company, and how big they are.  You know that your patients will come to you and not a big pharmacy chain because of the different level of service and attention you can give them.  Its no different in our industry.  If your working with a company that has 3,000 or 10,000 pharmacies they serve, its inevitable that you will become a number, not a name.  Right now in our industry there have been some major changes – acquisitions and mergers of many pharmacy software vendors, leaving very few independently owned ‘boutique’ style firms left, which means you are looking at a decision like your patients -- do business with a chain like vendor, or one of the independents.  The competition is being swallowed up by wholesalers, PBMs, and private equity investment firms, while Datascan Pharmacy Software is unique in its independent ownership.  

From the beginning, it’s easy to see the difference with Datascan.  Our pharmacy software demo is a one on one demonstration of our pharmacy software application that allows potential customers the freedom to explore our system and what we have to offer.  Datascan offers an exceptional level of service and builds in the latest and greatest features within our pharmacy computer systems.  From Medication Synchronization to our one-of-a-kind scheduler and adherence dashboard, the competition simply cannot compete with our level of service.  Independent Pharmacy message boards and blogs are filled with customers complaining about the lack of service and support among the competition—with Datascan it’s different.  

It’s simple—your customers choose an independent pharmacy because they expect a very unique level of service and look to build a long-term relationship with your business.  While our competitors are servicing thousands upon thousands of clients, we work to maintain a smaller manageable client base because we refuse to sell off or merge, which allows us to offer the flexibility you expect.  

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