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Whats the best way to shop for a new pharmacy software system?

A personal, one on one demonstration of Datascan's pharmacy software shows how Datascan can help you save financial and human resources, increases efficiency and improve your bottom line.  While the competition is herding potential software buyers in like sheep into an online demo with 15 other people, we pride ourselves on the fact that even before we earn your business, we treat you like a person, not a number.  On our demonstration, we encourage you to ask us all of your questions, and once the demo is complete, continue your research.  Datascan is confident we provide the best independent pharmacy software solutions on the market, and a free demonstration is your gateway to a more robust pharmacy software solution, with unique customer service that is simply not common in our industry anymore.

In such a short period of time you can really educate yourself about independent pharmacy software and modern pharmacy technology you are surely missing out on.  It is among the best investments an independent pharmacy owner can make in his or her business.  

Please call us at 877-222-RXRX or fill out the schedule a demo form to schedule a free demonstration of leading independent pharmacy software by Datascan; we invite you to suggest convenient dates and times in the Message box-as we work around your schedule to make this happen.

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