Build Star Ratings, Profits & Adherence with Datascan
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Build Medication Adherence & Star Ratings Via Pharmacy Automation

How we can help build Medication Adherence:

  • Grow maintenance medication adherence levels through automated reminders
  • Automate Maintenance Medication refill requests to doctors
  • Automate reminders to patients for prescriptions not picked up via text, email, IVR, and smartphone notifications --- build adherence while lower restock rates
  • Patient convenience: Allow your patients to send quick refills from their smartphone or your website right into your pharmacy system! They can even log in and view an abbreviated version of their profile and queue up RX's from there as well.
  • Automate resending of PA requests to Dr’s and monitor the requests from a queue
  • Automate Patient Refills & easily manage the results of the claims
  • Automate Refills due reminders to patients via text, email, IVR, and smartphone notifications
  • Send notifications out when RX’s are ready for pickup via IVR, email, text, and smartphone messages
  • Medication Synchronization: Set up patients with multiple medications to have them come due for refill and pickup or delivery on the same day of the month to build adherence and offer convenience.
  • Adherence Dashboard; monitor and receive alerts on patients that go beyond certain utilization since last fill, ability to automate and build reminders via multiple communication options --- stay on top of your patients and help them live healthier lives all while building star ratings!


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