1: Learning a new software product, and teaching the staff :

    A large part of the conversion process is training, something we do in 4 different steps:

  • 1: Prior to a switch over to our software and us being live on site, you will have access to prerecorded, professionally edited training videos to get you introduced to the system.
  • 2: The day prior to switching over to our software, our staff is on site live training all of your staff.
  • 3: Once the cutover to our system is complete, our staff will be there with you running the store for a few days
  • 4: While the videos are always accessible to you, we offer follow up remote training at no cost to you.

2:  What about my data and patient history:

You will have it all!  Our conversions are handled with care.  We do not come on site until you have signed off that your data is 100% complete.  We give checklists and a guide to get you through checking over this carefully. 

3:  Cost to Convert:

We offer free conversions to pharmacies that are established.  Once you are ready to dig further into the possibility of making a switch, give us a call and we can go over the details and answer any questions you have.

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