Testimonials from clients: Reasons why Datascan is the Best Pharmacy System for your Business.

  • datascan pharmacy Datascan did a great job handling our conversion from our previous vendor from start to finish! First they gave us detailed quotes on hardware, software, and install. The other 2 companies we considered only gave us bottom line numbers so we had no idea where the costs truly came from. After choosing Datascan they guided us through the conversion process and made sure we had all of our data from the previous vendor. All equipment was sent to the pharmacy prior to the install team coming out. We were up and running in less than a day. They stayed for a few days to do training on the system, which was very easy to pick up and learn. I was actually surprised at how smoothly everything went. I would definitely recommend Datascan and WinPharm to other pharmacies. datascan pharmacy

    Mike Wilson Pharmacist/Owner Crawford Drug Dorchester MA
  • datascan pharmacy When three separate Pharmacist owner friends of mine told me that Datascan software was terrific with the best support I was very skeptical. I had been an Opus customer for 18 years and I felt that I needed a change after the most recent series of mergers. Opus had become too big.

    I spoke with Kevin; the owner of Datascan about the data conversion which to me was the most frightening part a change to the new software. What I found was that every step of the process was very methodical with a lot of handholding. After I checked and rechecked the converted data numerous times and was sure it was correct I was ready for my startup date with Datascan. Logan and Matt were at my store teaching my staff the new software and ready to intercede in case of problems or if we just wanted to make some changes to the way our RX labels looked. Suffice to say the conversion went very smoothly. I then proceeded to call Logan many times a day for a few weeks with little changes that needed to be made and many questions about the software. He was very congenial and promptly help me each time without hesitation.

    The topping on the cake was when I called Kevin (the owner) with a question at 6 PM one day. The call went to his voicemail so I figured that he was gone for the day. I was amazed when I received a return call from him about a half hour later while on my trip home from work. That is true dedication.

    Dealing with Datascan is like dealing with a family as opposed to dealing with a big cold corporation. I can truly say that you will not get that kind of attention anywhere else and I am a true believer. Make the move….you won’t be sorry. datascan pharmacy

    Scott Scheinblum RPh, Owner, Prescriptions Exclusive
  • datascan pharmacy After struggling for quite awhile with our previous software system we decided to make a change to Datascan'sWinPharm software. It was one of the best decisions we could have made for our pharmacies. The thought of the conversion process can be daunting however Datascan stood with us throughout the entire conversion process. Their employees were there every step of the way to ensure not only a smooth conversion but also a smooth implementation. Their implementation team stayed with us until all of our employees were more than comfortable. Other pharmacy software providers force you to fit into the mold of their system which is not always beneficial in today's pharmacy world. Datascan has been more then willing to help us mold and adapt our Winpharm software and Point-of-Sale software in order to best fit our pharmacy and ever changing world we as pharmacies operate in. datascan pharmacy

    Dan Kelly, Manager, Reddon Drugs (2 Locations)
  • datascan pharmacy About 3 years ago I bought a pharmacy in Manhattan NY. At the time the pharmacy was using Opus as their pharmacy software. I had been using Datascan for many years before. I raved about Datascan to the pharmacists that were working at the time, and they all were very hesitant to switch pharmacy software vendors. Today all my pharmacists rave about how easy and up to date Datascan is…they don’t miss our old vendor at all. I want to take this opportunity to thank the owner, Kevin Minassian, and his entire team for making the transition from to Datascan so quick and easy. Everyone knows there inevitably will be some sort of hiccup. What was so impressive with Datascan was their prompt and precise response to whatever was needed to get the pharmacy up and running perfectly. I would and will always recommend any pharmacy owner to switch from what they are using to Datascan. Thank you Datascan for such a seamless transition from to, in my opinion, the number one pharmacy software. datascan pharmacy

    Kenny Wolk, Owner, Park West Pharmacy
  • datascan pharmacy When we were in the market for a new pharmacy system, I researched many different companies and Datascan consistently landed in the top 5 of customer satisfaction. I had demonstrations by several companies and Datascan stood out hands down. I really like the ability of the system to add workstations without the purchase of extra equipment and the adaptability of the system, which is the main reason we decided on Datascan for our new pharmacy system.

    We had Datascan installed in June of 2016 and have not looked back since. When our conversion day came, Datascan had staff, Logan and Matt, on sight for the first week for hands on training for the staff. They were patient and created an easy learning environment for everyone. The conversion went smoothly andwhen Logan and Matt left at the end of the week we were confident in our ability to navigate the system. Of course, as we worked more with the system questions came up and whenever we called Datascan we were helped immediately. This help continues to be excellent to this day.

    We are a tribal health facility so our pharmacy needs are very specialized and Datascan has been extremely helpful when we have needed changes to our system to accommodate our needs. The staff is pleasant, efficient and a pleasure to work with. You will not regret changing to Datascan, we did and have not been happier. datascan pharmacy

    Michaele Bacoch, PharmD, Pharmacy Manager, Washoe Tribe of Nevada Pharmacy
  • datascan pharmacy There are a few basic questions I ask myself when it comes to pharmacy software.
    1. My staff and I already work hard. Is the pharmacy software going to enable us to also work smart?
    2. Am I going to have to work around the pharmacy software, or will the software accommodate my needs and workflow?
    3. Will my existing staff and new hires be easily trained and operational?
    4. What is the quality of the provider’s help desk and support?
    5. And the most dreaded one… Is the data conversion going to be accurate?

    I am not naïve; I understand there is no perfect software for everyone. To the extent possible, my quest is nonetheless to check off ALL of the boxes.

    Over the past 13 years, I have tried several of the bigger, more touted companies (McKesson PharmaServ, QS1, Rx30) and all of them were very disappointing. Through RxPride, I came across Datascan. I had never heard of them, but decided to make a call and send an email. I received a call from Kevin, Datascan’s owner, not some sales rep, who works solely on commissions. Kevin listened to my concerns and expectations, and also made thoughtful suggestions. In other words, he took the time to understand what I really needed, instead of just pushing software on me.

    In fact, Kevin later amended Datascan’s software to accommodate my need in regards to my “Long Term Care” business, even before I agreed to purchase their software. Kevin understood that this enhancement would help his current pharmacy clients grow their businesses. I don’t know of any other software company that will deliver valuable enhancements before signing a client. With other companies, it often doesn’t even happen after installation!

    The data conversion was seamless and, again, Kevin and his staff didn’t rush us to get started with WinPharm until we were completely satisfied with the data. I’ve been using WinPharm for almost a year and there are still functionalities my staff and I are learning about. That said, WinPharm has checked off all of my boxes so far. There is so much automation and capability built into this system. It has helped optimize my staff’s time and thus reduced my costs.

    The most impressive thing about DataScan is that the owner and staff are willing to listen to a client’s specific needs, adapt and keep up with industry changes. They will make appropriate updates in timely manner. They get to know your specific business and your little quirks or needs and take care of you individually. The staff is very patient and communicative.

    The bottom line is that the value and service that we, as independent pharmacies, provide to our customers, is what Kevin and his staff provide to Datascan clients. They are exceptionally dedicated. I’ve received communication back from Kevin, Brian, Artie, Matt, Sarah, Logan, and other Datascan staff even after normal business hours and on the weekend when I wasn’t expecting anything until the next business day.

    As I said before, there is no “perfect” software, however, Kevin himself and Brian, his Vice President, flew out to my store to personally address out my issues, my needs and my wants. That is dedication! Again, Datascan’s relationship with their clients is akin to independent pharmacists’ connections with their patients. We understand one another.

    In a heartbeat, I would recommend Datascan to anyone. This is the best pharmacy software experience I’ve had - from the initial sales call to the data conversion, implementation, training and installation (thank you Logan and Matt) to support and innovation (thank you everyone at DataScan). The Software is very impressive and the staff even more so.

    The only regret I have is that I didn’t switch sooner. datascan pharmacy

    Jagat J. Patel, PharmD, Owner Crestwood Pharmacy, Albany, NY
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