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Datascan and CoverMyMeds: The simplified solution for Prior Authorizations

Now more than ever pharmacists are focusing their attention on bettering patient medication adherence and play an important role in patient care. Through our integration with CoverMyMeds, pharmacists can ensure patients receive their medications and they can continue providing their patients with exceptional care. So how does CoverMyMeds work?
Each year, more than 300 million prescriptions are rejected as a result of prior authorization (PA).1 CoverMyMeds streamlines the medication PA process, electronically connecting providers, pharmacists and plan/PBMs to improve time to therapy and decrease prescription abandonment with electronic prior authorization (ePA).

When an adjudicated claim rejects with a PA response, Datascan’s software will automatically initiate a Prior Authorization through Cover My Meds to deliver a request form right to the doctor’s office. This seamless solution saves both the pharmacy and doctor’s office staff time by completing the paperwork and automating the process. Once the request has been submitted, pharmacists and technicians can manage pending authorizations in the To Do Queue in WinPharm, and can even automatically resubmit claims! Our scheduler has the ability to setup how often and how many times you want to attempt a resubmission to a Dr for the PA to make sure it is responded to. Ones that are approved will go into the fill queue, while others that have been denied or are waiting for a response hold in the queue for you to manage manually or by using settings in our auto scheduler. By working with Cover My Meds, patients are able to receive their prescribed medications quickly. Cover My Meds reduces wait time and helps pharmacists better manage their patients, resulting in improved star ratings and bigger reimbursements.

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