Datascan Proud to be celebrating 38 years in 2019

Datascan Proud to be celebrating 38 years in 2019

This holiday season you deserve what you really want!

A reasonably priced, technology packed pharmacy software system backed by fast, reliable support!

We offer first to market technology and innovative solutions for pharmacy and point of sale at old school pricing.

We are proud to be one of the few independently owned pharmacy software companies serving independent pharmacies today!


There are so many Reasons to Love Datascan

Affordable PricingAffordable Pricing:  At Datascan we understand the industry and will never nickel and dime you for new features that you need to run your business.  Our packages are priced competitively so you can do more everyday! 


Innovative TechnologyInnovative Technology:  The most advanced features are built directly into our software like MedSync, Mobile Refills, Text and Email, and even MTM through Mirixa and Outcomes.  An adherence dashboard, online refills portal, customizable workflow system are just some of the many features that are available at no additional charge!


Rapid Response TimeRapid Response Time:  Our service and support cannot be rivaled with.  Our knowledgeable staff will ensure your questions are handled timely and efficiently.  We pride ourselves on our ability to service our customers better than the competition. 


Family Owned and OperatedFamily Owned and Operated:  As the competition is merging, selling off to private equity, or owned by wholesalers and PBMs, Datascan remains family owned since 1981.  For almost 40 years we have provided the independent pharmacy owner with an experience that is hard to duplicate in our industry.  Imagine your relationship with your patients, and then imagine being treated the same way from your software vendor. 


Be HeardBe Heard: So many of our great features come from customers just like you!  You should never be treated like a number, and with Datascan you never are.  Our customers have a voice and many of your ideas become features.


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DATASCAN (DCS Pharmacy, Inc.) has been serving the needs of independent pharmacies for over 35 years.
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