Datascans pharmacy management system has a robust pharmacy inventory software built right into the system allowing for multiple inventories, EDI with your wholesalers, and of course 340B inventory tracking.

Pharmacy Inventory Software: Electronic Signature Capture

DataScan Pharmacy

Pharmacy inventory is by far your biggest overhead. Without a proper inventory system you could be sitting on tons of products that are expired, slow moving, or should be special ordered. WinPharm pharmacy software and Datascan POS offer an integrated inventory module to better manage your pharmacy’s inventory both behind the counter and in the frontend. We offer no cost options for total automation with your wholesalers to maintain a perpetual inventory, and even allow you to manually mange your inventory if you prefer. The reporting options are endless in both WinPharm and POS.

  • Integrated into POS or offered as a stand-alone system
  • HIPAA Compliance: assures HIPAA compliance for RX Privacy when collecting signatures
  • Signatures with Date/Time Stamp collected
  • History fully archived: and available to lookup by RX for an audit or proof of pickup
  • Lookup from multiple locations: ability to lookup Signature in POS, stand aloneSigCapture software or WinPharm
  • Paired with POS: full EMV chip support to stay PCI compliant and accept credit cards through the signature tablet
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