Nursing / Assisted Living Module

Datascan offers pharmacy nursing home software built into our pharmacy system at no additional charge. Manage your MAR's, frequency codes, patients within a home, organize home deliveries and more!
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Nursing Home Software: Nursing, LTC & Assisted Living

Datascan - One of the best pharmacy software vendors, has a fully functional Nursing and Long Term Care system built into the WinPharm Pharmacy Management product. There is no extra charge for this functionality. It allows our clients to manage clients within each home, setup automatic refilling, print MAR’s, manage frequency codes for each home, and so much more.

In addition to our nursing home / LTC software functionality, we do have an add-on module that allows the facility to login to the system via a secure connection, authenticated with a login and password. Once logged into the remote portal, the staff can access each patients profile to submit an RX for refill, cancel an RX from current filling, change directions, dispense times, edit demographics, print the MAR, as well as leave a memo for the pharmacist about the patient or prescription.

eMAR interfaces available

✔ Print Custom MARs

✔ Frequency Code Maintenance / Customization by Site

✔ Nursing Portal available for remote login and changes from facility

✔ Custom nursing home and patient based reports

✔ Nursing home specific delivery reports and electronic signature capture system
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