Datascans Proven Pharmacy Software Conversion Method:

Datascan’s Proven Conversion Method: 

 There are so many concerns that come with the thought of moving to a whole new software that most pharmacy owners we meet would rather stay with a company that either has outdated software, or is not serving them well, just to avoid making the change.  Datascan has been doing data conversions for decades.  We have a methodical process, as outlined below.  This is a careful process that is not rushed, and we have hundreds of clients that have been through conversions and can tell you we did not turn their businesses upside down--- in fact, they were pleasantly surprised on how smooth the transition went.
  • Once a signed proposal is received, our project manager reaches out for an introduction
  • Client receives our conversion packet which includes questionnaire’s and helpful information as they make this transition
  • Project manager coordinates with client and data conversion company to pull the first set of data
  • Within 1-2 weeks, client will receive remote log in to our software, with their data in it.  They also receive a checklist and a walkthrough of our software so you can check your data in our system vs. what you are still using, and report any problems. 
  • During this time, client receives log in info to the back end of our site so they can watch some tutorials and training videos to start getting acquainted with our system. 
  • Any reported issues are repaired by our team of programmers, and delivered as additional data set(s) until any kinks are worked out, and all data is 100% good to go.  
  • Once the client signs off on the data as good, and checklists have been followed, we schedule with client for a live switch over date.  
  • On Site Schedule:  Depending on client volume, and if they are also using our Point of Sale, we will schedule 1-2 Datascan team members, on site at your pharmacy for anywhere between 3-5 days.
    • Day 1:  Setup, testing on network, prepping for live day.  Live training with all pharmacy staff members from a database with sample data in it to simulate a live environment with demo responses.  Datascan team will stay as late as client needs them, do Q&A’s with staff along side training. 
    • Day 2:  Go Live date.  Our team shows up at your store 1 hour prior to opening, moves over a final data set which includes all RX’s you processed until closing the night before.  Then they work with your staff to run the store and assist with any issues. 
    • Day 3+:  Our team works closely with you and your staff to ensure your business is running smoothly and all employees are comfortable with our software prior to us departing.  
    • First 30 Days:  Our project manager will reach out weekly for updates to find out how we can make the experience better.  We ask questions to find out what you feel you might be missing, anything that may be slowing your workflow down etc—and we work as a team to enhance the overall experience. 
    • Days 31-90:  We will schedule an optimization training with you and your staff to go over all of the exciting features that help build star ratings, adherence, and automate many of your pharmacies processes.  When we set up the store, we focus on core functionality to run day to day operations.  Now we get into the “good stuff”.   During this period, our project manager will also follow up with you every other week.
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