Physician Dispensaries

Physician Dispensaries

Datascan has been working with physician dispensing companies and doctors offices dating back to 2005, and we understand this model better than any other software vendor on the market. Many states across the US allow for physicians to dispense medications in their offices. While this requires the use of a pharmacy management software system, we recognize that the needs are not quite as demanding as a retail pharmacy. Datascan pharmacy software offers special discount packages for Physician Dispensing practices. Dispensary client’s enjoy all of the features WinPharm offers including, but not limited to, inventory control, reporting, mobile and web interactive patient applications, and live support. We offer attractive pricing for startup costs and monthly fees and invite you to sign up for a live one-on-one software demo to find out more!


Key Features

Discounted custom dispensary package pricing

Easily track cash and co pay payments without needing a Point of sale!

Integrated drug / allergy interactions and duplicate therapy warnings

Customizable labels

Full inventory control

Full support from our knowledgeable staff including insurance claims adjudication assistance

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