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IVR & Robotic Dispensing Interfaces

DataScan Pharmacy

The IVR system, interfaces with your telephone system and our pharmacy software. The system allows you to maximize efficiency by minimizing time spent on the phone with doctors or patients getting refill information. It can also sync up with reports for outbound dialing to patients for important notifications.

  • Multi System Support: you have options as we interface with multiple robot dispensing systems and IVR products
  • Robotic Dispensing: coordination with the robot means your scripts will auto fill for you. We have support for Parata, Scriptpro, Kirby Lester & Pharm-Assist
  • IVR Support: Telemanager and AIS IVR systems fully supported
  • IVR Out bound Calling: sync with Winpharm and auto notify patients of RX ready for refill, RX not picked up yet, and notify RX ready for pickup
  • Patient Notification: patients will be notified upon call in if their script has expired or has no refills left, as well as when refills are ready for pickup
  • IVR Dr. Fax Integration: doctors can then be faxed for authorization automatically
  • IVR Requests Sync’d: fill requests are fed into the pharmacy system central fill queue automatically to be filled by the pharmacist, and prioritized by date/time requested
  • Two Way Communication: patients can check if the prescription is ready, and the IVR can dial outbound to offer clients option to queue up RX’s that are due to be filled
  • Build Adherence& Save Time: use as both a time saver, and star ratings / adherence building tool with your patients
  • IVR Answer: customizable messages to greet customers with your voice
  • IVR Voice Mail: customers can leave voice messages along with their fill requests
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