Retail Pharmacies

Our pharmacy management software system was originally released in 1981 to service the needs of independently owned retail pharmacies. Over the last 4 decades we have evolved tremendously, building in an incredible amount of technology and functionality to better support industry demands. Datascan offers the ultimate trifecta—price, product, and service. While we work every day to build a better product we guarantee that our technology does not come with a bigger price tag. We are among the best priced systems industry-wide. Imagine a system that offers incredible technology at an affordable price, and gives you the best and quickest service and support.


Independent pharmacy today is nothing like it used to be.

Reimbursements are down as independents battle PBM’s to fight for survival, and pharmacists have shifted focus on better patient care to increase profitability. Retail pharmacists are not just prescription dispensers, but key players in the overall health of their patients. Coordinated care, efficiency, and rebuilding profitability are the core goals for independent pharmacy and Datascan makes sure pharmacists can do so with WinPharm pharmacy software. Speak with us today and find out why more and more pharmacies are choosing to partner with Datascan everyday!
DIR fee tracking and alerts

Patient text/email reminders

Medication Synchronization built in

FREE mobile and web portal for patients

FREE automated inventory through
 wholesaler EDI

Customizable workflow and system settings

 Additional modules for LTC and compounding
included FREE

Built in Ecare Plans
Automated utilities help you accomplish more,
with less staff

Revenue sharing opportunities that help cover
the cost of your software

Compounding and LTC modules built in --- FREE

Build star ratings through our adherence building tools and automation

Profit watcher

Document management built in – FREE

Customizable reports

….and SOOO much more!

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