Why Choose Datascan vs The Competition?

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What Sets Us Apart

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Family Owned and Focused
Become part of our family and see how we treat our clients and focus on building a better product every single day.

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Competitively Priced
We are among the best priced Rx systems industry wide. Get a competitive analysis against the others!

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Technology Ahead of the Competition
In 1981 we were among the first companies to introduce computerization to independent pharmacies! In 2003 we were one of the first to offer a true Windows based pharmacy system.
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Profit Building
We can help you build profits back into pharmacy when PBM’s and insurance companies are constantly hurting your bottom line! We have the perfect pharmacy software solution to build profits and efficiency back into your independent pharmacy or dispensary.


Benefits of Working with Datascan

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Unique Customer Service
We can prove we have the best customer service industry wide! Our response times are the fastest, our staff is comprised of brilliant technology driven individuals and pharmacy technicians, and the technology we employ internally makes sure your work orders are handled in a timely fashion. Call us to find out more about pharmacy rx software or RX Systems!
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Features & Software Updates
We release features and technology before the competition ensuring Datascan is the best pharmacy software on the market!We are also extremely experienced in pharmacy software conversions—so if you are considering a move away from your current pharmacy program, give us a call
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Datascan helps lead the industry through innovation and cutting edge features! Daily we improve our system to make sure you have the best features possible.
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You become a client, a member of our family, NOT a number like the chains treat patients! (or how some of the huge companies we compete with treat their software clients)
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Build a Future For Your Pharmacy or Dispensary
It was controlled E scripts one year, and Medicare Star Ratings the next. Whatever the future holds for our industry, Datascan will always be on top of innovating our technology to make sure your business can thrive!